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Soul Plan Reading

You are present in your BEING.
Your personal soul plan is a carrier of the energies of your life. 
Learn more about your talents, your goals and your soul purpose in a personal soul plan reading.

This reading also makes a wonderful gift for unique events and occasions. 

An immersion into the interior.
Recognize, understand and use your potential.

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Carina Schulde

Your soul plan

For expanding your consciousness in your life

Your name at birth is the bearer of your personal soul plan. Recognize your predispositions, learn to understand your “tasks, talents and goals”. Create fruitful growth.

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Your soul plan - your personal reading with Carina 

We are changing, our potential to take advantage of this has never been so strong. Find out more about your personal soul plan. 
Your name at birth, this bears  your personal soul plan within you. 
Find out more!

Reading by Carina

Soul Present

A personal gift for the special day 
Give a voucher for a personal soul plan reading 

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Soul Present
Soul plan reading 

Your soul plan is the starting point for knowing yourself and learning deep information about yourself.

Your soul plan contains information about

  • your talents

  • your challenges

  • your goals

  • and your soul purpose


Soul Present

Already at birth we bring our personal soul plan with us. 
Not only with the special abilities on an earthly and spiritual level,
but also with the challenges. 
Often a knowledge can
about this brought with you
"Being" a child,
in its development
promote and strengthen. 

Muffin and balloons

Soul Present

Each new year of life offers new opportunities for experience, expansion and learning. 
With knowledge of your personal soul plan
You can recognize and support many earthly and spiritual talents.
Of course, challenges are often easier to accept. 

Christmas classroom

Soul Present

No matter whether Valentine's Day, the xth wedding anniversary, Nikolo,
Easter, Mother's Day or any day of the festival. 
A wonderful, unusual gift
is a reading of the personal soul plan. 
You can read a lot from your personal soul plan and recognize which abilities and talents are emerging. 


Soul Present

The day of the alliance of endless love. 
The beginning of a life for two. 

Does adopting a new name change the soul plan? 
Yes, this change has an impact on the soul plan. But our basic foundation is our birth name. 

birthday party

Soul Present

An ordinary day for many people - a unique, special day for you. 
Whether it's the first day of school, the graduation party, engagement day or just a gift as a thank you. 
Soul Plan Reading - 

a gift of knowledge and joy. 

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